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Photos: In the Frigid Cold, Brite Winter Fest Celebrates Its Fifteenth Anniversary

For 15 years, Brite Winter Fest has been bringing live outdoor music to Cleveland in the dead of winter. Things were no…

By Emanuel Wallace

Brite Winter Fest Celebrates Its Fifteenth Anniversary
94 slides

Photos From Trailblazers Triumph: A Black History Month Celebration at Parlay on 9th

Trailblazers Triumph: A Black History Month Celebration went down at the newly opened Parlay on 9th, with guest host Josh Cribbs. Here's…

By Emanuel Wallace

Trailblazers Triumph at Parlay on 9th
41 slides

The Biggest Culture Shocks About Moving to Cleveland

Whether you've arrived from New York City or a rural Indiana town, whether you've come from the sun down south or from…

By Scene Staff

Anything Longer Than a 20 Minute Drive Feels Like Forever

It doesn’t take long for someone used to insane commutes to sigh with relief that there’s basically no traffic in Cleveland, a blissful city where rush hour doesn’t seem to exist. Of course, it doesn’t take long after that to adopt a new mindset: Something that’s more than 20 minutes away is pretty far and the travel time worthy of a polite cancellation.
18 slides

Photos From the Black Excellence Mixer at Afrika Taste and Lounge

This year's Black Excellence Mixer went down at Afrika Taste and Lounge in South Euclid. Here's what we saw. 

By Emanuel Wallace

Black Excellence Mixer at Afrika
63 slides

February 14, 2024

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